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Viola Maria Gim

happily married in international marriage, childhood educator

I am an expert in the field:

  •  bilingual education
  • creative offers to encourage talent
  • shaping intercultural contacts
  • music and movement in children's everyday life
  • english, spanish and german language (additionally basic languageknowledge in Korean, Portuguese, and French)

In team meetings and projects, it is important to me to respond individually to my counterpart and to profitably include the accounts of all different personalities and characters in the project design. Through talent-oriented cooperation, I will creatively develop new concepts together. My goal is to discover talents and potential and to relieve everyday life creatively and sustainably through cooperation.

link Ressource Puzzle

The workshop "*Resource Puzzle* - Contributing Talents Sustainably" includes...

I gained my expert status through my studies of childhood education and with my experience as an Au-Pair or voluntary help of social projects abroad. Through my impressions in contrast to the work in the internal daycare area and the accompaniment of the children's everyday life in the home/external area, I bring a new view and inspiration for cooperation into my coaching sessions. For me, an honest constructive exchange is a key to success. In the field of communication, my area of expertise is multilingualism. The methods and cognitive advantages of bilingual or trilingual education were the expert topic of my bachelor thesis. By contributing this knowledge, I would like to take away the fears of educators, parents, and children with this topic.

In addition, I love music, write songs and produce songs in my spare time. My passion in the day-to-day life of the kindergarten was to offer children points of contact with instruments and to bring in child-friendly techniques and information from my knowledge of singing lessons.

For me, the person/employee is a resource that should be valued and, above all, not underestimated. I am convinced that time and space must be created for this process. In my opinion, getting to know and discovering the resources, talents, and potentials in one's environment is a time- and energy-saving increase in the quality of personal everyday life and the everyday life of one's environment. The human being is the most important asset in every work cycle. Recognizing this and using the resulting possibilities and opportunities raises us to a conscious level.