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A few details about:

Linda Vierheilig

proud mom of 3 unique children, educator

I am an expert in:

positive mindset work
personal development
clear team communication
sustainable resource management

Personal development, especially in the social field, is becoming increasingly important. I accompany the team with individual methods to identify their strengths and opportunities. Mindset work forms the foundation of positive development of each individual and opens perspectives for new things. The pedagogical work must be carried out more visibly and appreciatively to the outside world.

I have achieved my expert status through various further training measures and the desire for my personal development. Thanks to many years of experience in the educational and special educational field, I was able to gain an internal insight into many different structures. Breaking down old structures often takes a lot of time and courage, walking this path together and providing impetus is my core task.

In team meetings and projects, I have been in charge of launching new concepts with different personalities and characters, thus giving new perspectives more visibility in the long term.

For me, the person / employee is a resource that must be looked after personally and sustainably. People are the most important asset in every work cycle. Recognizing this and using the resulting possibilities and opportunities raises us to a conscious level.

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